A few fun projects with my 1300Pl

I just wanted to share a few projects with my 1300 PL. I will post some more shortly. I am new to the forum and thought it would be cool to show the fun I am having. Here are some pictures of a fire pit I am working on.

I will update soon with some other projects I have going.


@Matthew_Schultz1 - that is an incredible fire pit. You must host some big parties :slight_smile:

I saw your rocket stove post as well - are you planning an outer skin and ventilation for a ‘smokeless’ pit?

Hey @Matthew_Schultz1 - is this a gift? If so you could enter it in the Holiday Gift contest by adding the tag holiday-gift.

@Matthew_Schultz1 have you burnt a fire yet? I’m curious how it burns. I built a similar fire pit a while back and had to add air ports into the sides at the bottom to get proper air flow.
Great project!