A-Axis Scaling

I was wondering if someone here knew how to adjust the A-Axis scaling or steps per revolution in Path Pilot. Only XYZ scaling is accessible through the ADMIN function. I have a rotary indexer over traveling. Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m not the expert on this but I think the scaling is done with the dip switches on the driver box.

Thanks Harold. I can adjust the dip switches and change the steps per revolution, no problem. Its the steps per revolution being defined in PathPilot I would like to address, because regardless of my settings on the dip switches I am not getting accurate moves. I know it can be changed, but hoping for a little guideness from someone who has had to do it.

I don’t recall the specific filename but the only way I know of to change A-axis scaling is by modifying one of the files within pathpilot. Ctrl-X will bring up a terminal window, type caja and hit enter to open a file explorer window. Go into the folder with the latest version number, then my memory breaks down but I think the file you want is in the “mill” folder, or possibly the folder for your specific model. Looks for a parameter called axis3scale or something similar. Note there will be more than one with the same name because the scale factor is different if you have the 6" rotary or the micro-arc selected in your 4th axis tab in PP. I also don’t remember the math to get a scale factor but if you google axis scale factor for linuxcnc, you should find the formula.

The file is ~/tmc/configs/common/4th_axes.inc

Awesome…thanks Gerrit and Ian