8L not cutting smoothly

Hello all

My 8L has been cutting smooth as silk but recently has been leaving rough surfaces. I mainly cut brass and occasionally steel. Inserts are new, lube system is working, everything seems tight.

Is there an adjustment I need to make or a service manual available? Machine has MANY hours on it and has made thousands of parts.


If I’m reading this correctly it sounds like this has started rather suddenly. If that is the case, it’s most likely not a wear issue and more likely something that has changed. Possibly a toolpost that has gotten loose, a tool in a tool holder that has gotten loose, misadjusted , or possibly even a loose insert. Most likely you’ve probably checked all of these, but still thought I’d mention them. From there, I’d start looking into things like gibs that have backed out, something loose in the ball screw drive. Basically anything loose, broken or misadjusted. I realize this is pretty vague, but I’ve chased problems like this before and they can be and sometimes are very elusive. The good news is that most times it will be something simple. Have a look, tighten everything and see how it goes. Hope you find it quickly and it’s something simple.