8L Lathe - Motor Achieves speed, but no torque

I’ve got a 2023 8L lathe. we have been running the same program for about 2 weeks straight, no issues at all. When motor stalls, we change the insert.

Turning a 1.625" OD steel part, simple grooving operation, cycle is 21 seconds long start to finish.

plunge rate is 0.0003 (3 tenths per rev) with a nice carbide sandvik insert. all in all, going well.


no torque. on plunge, it stalls immediately. There is simply no torque. I have made a support ticket but have gotten no reply. Not sure if this is a motor or VFD issue.

The motor spins up and holds speed just fine. just practically zero torque. It is not a setup issue. we have changed nothing and have been running for weeks. Have chased down wires looking for something loose, no issues. Did a VFD firmware reset at the advice of Tormach on another issue, did not help (Parameter 10, 121, All, etc.)

Help please. I need to get us back up and running. I am well within warranty period. Just looking for advice. Is this a VFD issue or a motor issue?

@JONATHAN_MARTIN Welcome to the Tormach Forums!

Looks like I actually just responded to this case. We should be able to get to the bottom of what you are seeing!

Any one have any ideas?

I have submitted logs and videos to tormach at their request. So far, radio silent.

For anyone else .coming across this, we will be replacing some components to hopefully find what is causing Jonathan’s communication error.

yes tormach surfaced this morning and we’re looking at some component swaps.

All -

this was resolved with a logic board swap.