8L conversational threading

When I create a toolpath to cut an external thread the x values created when I select the thread from the drop down are always negative. In offsets, the tool is correct and in the correct position so the values need to be positive.

I checked, the settings - set for manual tool changes (shouldn’t make a difference)
On the offsets screen the tool is facing up, position 6 - front post.

I get the turret tools are typically positive and the front post is neg when you have a turret. (back of work is positive and front is neg) But without a turret, the front post tools should all be positive as the front of the work is now positive.

What am i missing?

The front toolpost will always be negative. The Cartesian coordinate system of the machine is laid out that way. Whether or not you have a turret does not effect it in any way. If you just have to have those numbers positive use a left handed threading boring bar and cut the threads above or turret side of the part.


Would you happen to have any screen caps of what you are seeing? On the 8L, when programming, all numbers with X should be positive. Toward the operator for X is positive, as opposed to the 15L.

What version of PathPilot are you on?

Apparently the conversational treading is a carry over from the 15l, and has not been updated for the 8l. Every time I use conversational threading I just delete the negative sign . A little irritation, but I don’t worry about it too much. Would be nice for Tormach to update with the conversational to be correct without fiddling.

I wanted to answer with the numbers must be positive, but it was unclear if Tormach had changed the 8l path pilot interface. I have one of the first 8l lathes sold and I made Tormach aware of the NONstandard front tool post x+ programing almost 2 years ago! I received no reply. I just changed my cam setup and post to reflect the nonstandard 8l interface and went back to using it. Would have been nice to have 8l code compatible with 15l and other cnc lathe designs but its not my design!


There have been a couple 8L specific posts out there now, with the X value flip out there. I know fusion for sure has released a separate post for 8L vs 15L.

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Long time user of Sprutcam! I was told that I am only 8l user with Sprutcam and not to expect much if anything because of that. Anyway, I know Sprutcam well enough to make it spit out any code format I need, So I adapted and customized my own 8l post and machine schema. I just don’t like being different or nonstandard! It isolates the user!