8L Automatic Tool Changer?

The Kickstarter for Rownd shows off their 4-place ATC for their desktop lathe and a garage-based fellow (Tabletop Machine Shop on Instagram) has put together a 6-place for his own purposes…will Tormach be making their own version for the 8L or could y’all help us make our own? I’m confident we could machine the housing, shaft, etc. but I’m more concerned with integrating it with the PathPilot control so it could be run from the program.
Any ideas? Thoughts?

@Jason_Rye As far as I know, there are no current plans for a turret changer. While I think this is a neat idea, we unfortunately would not be able to assist with any technical support or modification on our end.

Hey Sam!
I completely understand. Liability concerns are very real for companies. IF we go forward with our idea, it will probably be one that would still use the Optional Stop at Tool Change option and be manually actuated (somehow) by our student at that point. I just want to give them the experience of loading up several tools and touching them all off and just running the part. The manual opening the lid, picking up the correct tool, hoping that nobody else messed with it, hoping that you didn’t accidentally mess with it, is just so different than what I experienced when working in the shops that I feel a need to change it some way or another. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fine little machine and we have several spinning tops and soon to have a full chess set from ours, but I’m trying to get these High School kids ready to go get a job and I want them to have an as close to “reality” experience as I can. I’ll update everyone here as/if we go forward. Thanks!