770MX not coming out of estop

Ugh, just got back to bringing my 770mx online. A few months ago I had it moving and was in the process of installing the vice. Had to focus on other things, now getting back to it and I can’t get it out of estop.

I get:
software estop triggered
motor axis z has faulted
motor axis y has faulted
motor axis x has faulted

I checked all the cables nothing was loose. We did loose power for a little bit locally a few days before this.
I’m at a loss right now on debugging this…

limit switches
controller board

any help would be appreciated

I have emailed tech support but have not gotten anything back.

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I found your case, and shot the tech who’s case it is, a message about it. They will handle it in there, but a good start point would be checking the main fuse on your DC bus, and the XFM1 fuse. Reference the back of your manual, if you have a hard time locating these.


Sounds like whatever gremlins you bouncing around the machine have disappeared. For any other people scrolling around, Marc’s problems seems to have resolved itself by removing and reinstalling his F1 fuse. If anyone has a similar issue, feel free to reach out to technical support, here.

I had a similar issue and found that my E-stop button was having some issues. I replaced it and all was good since then. Just some info for anyone else that experiences a similar issue. Mine was intermittent.