4th axis be kind, don't unwind

I had a couple batches of parts that were second op off the lathe. Both are round parts that needed either 16 or 13 features around the part. I didn’t like the A axis unwinding every time so I added a M0 with a note to press A zero last time I ran them at the beginning of the program, but I decided to make the process more automated this time. After chatting with Tormach support I ended up with 2 methods and both worked.

G92 method.
Near the end of the program I added:
G00 A360
G92 A0

G10 method.
Again near the end:

G00 A360
G10 L20 P8 A0 (set the a axis to zero in G59.2 WCS)

For G10 Sam pointed me to G Codes

There were 75 pcs of each part and I ran one part with G92 and the other with G10 with the same results. I guess the difference if I understood correctly would be G92 sets the active work offset while G10 allows you to set any work offset regardless of what offset is active.