440 wont referance or move any axis

so …machine wont communicate with control , wont reference , move any axis or turn the spindle on . when trying to reference screen shows as axis moving till it times out . and if it helps the clunk i normally hear when pushing the green button doesn’t happen .

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To fully diagnose this issue, I would start a support ticket with the Technical Support, here: Jira Service Management

That being said I could place to start with, is opening your electrical cabinet, and seeing if the MX3660 driver is lit up.

i did open a ticket , i posted here in the hopes its a problem someone else has had and i might not have to bother the support crew any more then i have to .

i did check the fuses and my mx driver is lit up green

When this happened to me, I found the latch that closes the lid to the spindle was cracked and was not pulling the front spindle door shut. I am talking about the door you open to loosen the r8 collet. Ordered a new one and was up and running

all fixed and running again , while buying a new mx board wasn’t fun , tech support was 100% committed to getting me going again .
cant say enough good things about everyone I’ve interacted with at tormach

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