3D printed mill tooling bins

Not specifically a mill topic, but I figured I’d share a couple of bins for organizing mill tooling that I 3d printed for anyone who might find them useful. Fans of the Gridfinity system will be dismayed to hear that I’ve never found it useful, once I stack bins next to each other I never have a need to move them with any frequency and I’ve found the grids are a pain to print.

The parallel holder a friend designed, the model for it can be found here.

BT30 Triple Bin 60mm GL v6 (1).stl (743.0 KB)
GF_123_Block_Bin_1x3.stl (110.0 KB)
GF_BT30_Pullstud_Bin_1x3.stl (315.5 KB)
ER32 Collet Bin 3x4.stl (376.3 KB)
ER20 Collet Bin 3x4.stl (829.4 KB)
ER16 Collet Bin 3x4.stl (912.9 KB)



Awesome @nkowalczyk - thank you for sharing these. I will definitely be printing those BT holders over the holidays.


What lovely models you’ve provided @nkowalczyk, right when I am in the organizing mood!! Thank you SO very much.

I used f360 and sunk a couple of holes into the back of the 1-2-3 block holder. I printed in ABS (it was all I had) and press-fit two 3/8" dia. x 3/16" thick magnets (kjmagnetics # D63-N52) per model. This will allow me to stash them right in front of my face while taking up as little room as possible on the side of my 770M.

Yeah, be careful, steel chips may become permanently attracted to the collet.
I need a degausser for drill bits and other tools.
Still haven’t figured out how they get magnetized.

I’m printing those collet bins tomorrow! Perfect!!