24R Reviews / Demos

Longtime PCNC 1100 owner here. I’ve been considering a 24R with ATC + vacuum table but there seems to be relatively little out there about them and their performance.

Considering the ~30K cost I’d love to see some more feedback on them before writing the check. I’ve obviously found NYCCNC and the Tormach channel videos on the machine but would be interested to see more. Alternatively, if there’s anybody in New England who has one and would be willing to give me a demo I’d be happy to trade you a bottle of something good for your trouble.

I have owned my 24r for over three years now. One of the very first users. I enjoy the machine a great deal. It is accurate and fast. It has the exact same footprint as my table saw making it easy to fit in shop. I dont have tool changer or vac system but would add them if I did more production. The machine is easy to setup and run sheet format materials. With good cad cam your limited only by your imagination. If you have specific questions maybe I can answer them.

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Thanks Lane! Appreciate the vote.