2016 PCNC 1100 Computer Ram Size?

I just bought a used 2016 PCNC 1100, does anyone know what the largest size CNC Program can be on this machine, like RAM Size? Any help would be appreciated, thanks !

@Mark_Parrish1 congratulations on the purchase and welcome to the Tormach Forums!

The hard drive on the computers we sold circa 2016 should be 80GB. You should be able to load a nearly unlimited size program. I strongly recommend updating PathPilot to the latest version - Tormach PathPilot Updates
Some of our earlier versions of PathPilot took quite a while to load long programs into memory, so if you have long (over 100,000 lines) programs it will really help to be on current software.


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Yes, I looked at the file page yesterday and it showed 86Gig, but what I wanted to know was, what is the max size cnc program that can be ran?

So wouldn’t this be the RAM size verses the Hard Drive size?

@Mark_Parrish1 the computer’s RAM may affect how quickly it loads the program, but should not affect the possible size of program you can run. I don’t believe the entire file is loaded into memory, just chunks of it. The interpreter runs only about 2000 lines ahead. The preview (toolpath display) is usually looking much further ahead and will be the slowest part of loading a large file. If you want faster load times and don’t mind missing out on the program preview you can set the preview line limit by typing ADMIN SET PREVIEW LIMIT into the MDI line.

More on ADMIN commands here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q2zAcrJCdA

Thanks so much for all the info, it’s much appreciated !

One question about doing a Path Pilot upgrade, will the 8 year old computer be able to handle new software that might be much much larger than the original, with different clock speeds as well?


Most likely it will be fine. If you’re not yet on PathPilot2.x (still on the old 1.x versions) you may want to contact Tech Support for some advice on the upgrade, otherwise it’s just a download.