15L Slant-Pro Peak Power & Torque

Does anyone have a 15L Slant-Pro and knows at what RPM they achieve peak Power?
What is the motors peak torque amount?

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I don’t believe there was ever a torque curve ever developed on the 15L, unfortunately.

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Scientifically? the steppers will start missing steps before the spindle will stall in high range. At least that’s what a guy I know said after he accidentally parted some stock with a wnmg tool full width. :shushing_face:

Could I use an oscilloscope to measure the torque output of the motor at different RPM ranges? Then calculate the torque conversion after the pully ratios for actual value at the spindle?

For large drilling and parting aluminum you can and I most definitely have stalled the spindle on my 15L. I no longer do those operations on the 15L . I just turn a shallow parting slot around my parts. I pre drill and finish parting on my manual lathe. All of the torque issued could be solved with a 2 speed gear box.

Ok then what is the motor configuration as rpm , hp , Phase 3 or 1 ?
on the 15 l you have a 3hp ?
Im looking for bying a motor from else where and I want to compare .
You can reply to my Personnal email usinart400@gmail.com

The motor is a 3 phase 3 hp. It’s has a 3 hp single phase vfd that coverts the power to 3 phase giving variable speed and reversibility. 3 hp is the most you can have in this type of vfd. Straight 3 phase will give you any power you want. I believe rpm is 1750 on the motor. I was thinking about using a 3.8 kw 2500 rpm servo motor to replace mine if I tire of using the manual lathe.

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