15L Power tripping on spindle start up

New 15L setup this week. Installed in Australia

I had a 15amp line installed originally, upgraded now to 20amp with a C Curve Rcd breaker on the board.

I can power on the machine and computer. I can jog the machine, but as soon as I try and start the spindle it trips the power on the board.

Electrician is coming back next week to upgrade to a D curve RCD breaker, but he was saying based on the specs of the machine and the info in the manual it absolutely shouldn’t need that high RCD breaker for start-up.

Is there anything on the machine I should be checking or other watch points that could be causing this?



RCD (or GFCI) breakers cannot be used with the 220v circuit, VFD’s specifically fault GFCI’s extremely frequently. Keep in mind that all of our ratings are for 60 Hz operation as well.

Thank you,

Legally I have to have an RCD breaker on the circuit here in Australia. I know other people who has the 15L operating them with RCDs.

Seems like you should use F-Rcd

When should type A RCD be used?

Equip­ment in­cor­por­at­ing elec­tronic com­pon­ents RCD can de­tect & re­spond as for type AC, PLUS pulsat­ing DC com­pon­ents.

When should type F RCD be used?

Equip­ment with fre­quency con­trolled speed drives RCD can de­tect & re­spons as for type A, PLUS high fre­quency re­sid­ual cur­rent.

You might check to see if you can get around the breaker requirement by having the electrician connect the wires directly to the machine disconnect. (No Plug) Wires come out of the wall and connect directly to the main disconnect in the machine. This doesn’t mean no breaker at all. Sometimes the regulations don’t require gfci if the power is wired straight to the equipment like a cooker or car charger.