1100mx table lifting

So after many months of troubleshooting I have figured out and remedied my y axis table lifting near 75% of table travel. Basically because of the X axis motor weight, once the table was moved left past center the balance shifted enough to pull the right side of the table up from .02 - .07mm. I had a mill service tech come out and diagnose and adjust the jibs. He couldn’t get the table to stay within tolerance all the way across the travel but I compromised by sacrificing a slight amount of machining area.
My question is would adding a weight to the right side of the table for balance cause any long term issues? Also is this a known issue especially on machines with A-axis equipment mounted. I think I only need a 20lb weight but if I was trying to balance a rotary table it would be 90lb.
Here’s a photo of the probed Z height across the table. 0 in the center. All measurements are in mm.

@Dr_Harold_Jones have you followed the commissioning doc?