1100MX max acceleration Solidworks Machine Setup

Hello, I just bought a used 1100MX and I am gathering up information needed to get started. I am trying to setup the 1100MX in Solidworks CAM. I need the following information for the program’s machine setup:

Max feed rate
Rapid feed rate
Feed Acceleration rate
Feed deceleration rate
Rapid acceleration rate
Rapid deceleration rate
Acceleration coordinate read time
Deceleration coordinate read time

Does anyone have any idea what are the values for these specifications?

Hey Michael! Welcome to the forums.

The max feed rate/rapid rate is 300 IPM on X and Y. 230 IPM on Z.
Feed and Rapid deceleration rate is at 30 in/sec^2 for X and Y, and 19.1 in/sec^2 for Z.

Not sure on the coordinate read time. I believe the lookahead is 2000 motions, however.

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Thank you very much.

Hello Michael. I just picked up a Tormach 440 and am also using Solidworks CAM. I’m not new to solidworks but am to the CAM portion. I was wondering how your projects have been going while using the software. Maybe we can help each other out sometime.

Hi Andre,
I have been going deep into SW CAM recently. Getting better but there are so many little detail options that need to be kept track off that it is nuts. What do you need help with?

I noticed that…My pecking starts way too early when drilling. I set my clearance to 0.5"above stock. Do you have that same issue?

What does way too early really mean exactly?

It will start the pecking motion about a half inch above the part. So I have to wait and watch until it actually touches the face.

So what you’re saying is that you want the center drill to travel between different packs at .5" but you would like it to start to peck right on the target hole, correct?

You may need to look whether you have feature WIP checked. Basically CAM takes into consideration what material was already removed from the part and then counts distance from there.

Also you might be entering your clearance in the wrong place if that is not the solution. I believe there is a operation clearance and then travel clearance. I don’t have it in front of me, so I don’t remember exactly.

Yes that is correct. I think I have the operational clearance and travel clearance at the same .5". I’ll check when I get home. Thanks

Just an FYI, when you’re setting up the parameters for each operation, you can click the help button and it is actually very helpful surprisingly. It may clarify for you what the differences are between Rapid plane, Clearance plane, and Feed plane

Thats good to know. Most of the time I ignore because its not helful at all

Yea I hear ya. I usually do the same but I gave it a shot and it is very well thought out and if you click on help on the options tab you are at, it will go to the help page specific to that tab. So you don’t have to go searching either.