1100MX max acceleration Solidworks Machine Setup

Hello, I just bought a used 1100MX and I am gathering up information needed to get started. I am trying to setup the 1100MX in Solidworks CAM. I need the following information for the program’s machine setup:

Max feed rate
Rapid feed rate
Feed Acceleration rate
Feed deceleration rate
Rapid acceleration rate
Rapid deceleration rate
Acceleration coordinate read time
Deceleration coordinate read time

Does anyone have any idea what are the values for these specifications?

Hey Michael! Welcome to the forums.

The max feed rate/rapid rate is 300 IPM on X and Y. 230 IPM on Z.
Feed and Rapid deceleration rate is at 30 in/sec^2 for X and Y, and 19.1 in/sec^2 for Z.

Not sure on the coordinate read time. I believe the lookahead is 2000 motions, however.

Thank you very much.