1100MX Holiday gift: Magnifying Christmas

Wanted to make a magnifying glass to sell for the ho ho ho of it. A little left over aluminum, some powder coat and a leather strap. Oh, yeah… And a lens :smiley:.


Thanks for sharing! Love the powder coat finish with the leather strap.

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What a gorgeous gift! That powder coat turned out great :heart_eyes:

@Tim_Wender That’s a beautiful project. I love that powder coat finish. Did you do the powder coating yourself or send it out? Can you provide some information on the material used? I haven’t seen a variegated finish like that in a powder coat before. Thanks!

Just some aluminum leftover from a project. 6061 I think. Powder coat was something left over from my wife’s request to match some cabinet hardware. I’m not even sure exactly what it was. Prismatic powders is where I got it. I’m not much help on that😏.

I made a small powder coat station in my basement shop. I use it for a couple items I make for a podcast to sell in their merchant shop.

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Thanks for the compliment. Was fun to make

Thank you for the kind words! Merry Christmas!

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