1100MX Face Milling tool options?

Anyone have input to give on face milling tool options for the 1100MX? I’m looking at the shear hog 2" but it seems expensive and I don’t see any ferous metal insert options for it? What are people using and what is the better tool for aluminum and steel?


I got a 31280 and inserts for both aluminum and steel.

Haven’t made chips with it yet, though. Still sorting out some other issues…

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Thank you for that info!

How did you hold that in a BT30? I see they mention R8 but not BT30.

440 uses TTS and there is a TTS holder for that. Not familiar enough with all the BT30 options to know what to use for that system.

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@Scott_Dube here is the bt30 face mill arbor

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Thanks Dave! This BT30 is all new to me so I’m trying to get up to speed on what is out there for holding capability!


Of course! The options for BT30 are endless, but if you are curious as to what we have to offer check out our BT30 tool holding selection.

I use the Shear Hog 2 inch with 3 inserts. Have to buy from AB tools. Tormach only sells the 2 insert ones. As far as I am concerned, the best one out there. I cut up to .050 at 7500 to 8000 with no problem. The finish is second to none.

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