1100M To BT30 conversion difficulties

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I am stuck in my TTS to BT30 conversion on my machine and I was curious who else has experienced the same issues I have encountered.

I had where the spindle brake port had a 400 wire in the wrong port that caused confusion in re-configuring the machine. Fortunately my assistant caught in the install video where the out-of-place wire belonged. This made way for the installation to proceed.

The photo you guys see is where the orange taped wire was moved to the appropriate port.

This next photo is where the spindle motor pulley had the key smashed into place to prevent it’s removal. I attempted using the gear puller method as described and it damaged the pulley. Now I am waiting for Tormach to ship the replacement pulley.

Has anyone had similar issues? I’m stuck at this point until I get a new pulley and there have been several unanticipated difficulties in this conversion.

Is there a way to convert from a TTS to a BT30 on an 1100? the TTS seems kind of anemic when you really want make heavy cuts.

If you have an 1100M then we offer a conversion to BT30 but you have to upgrade your machine to servos as well. This turns your machine from an M to an MX. Please keep in mind that if you have an ATC then you will need to convert that as well.

If you have a PCNC1100 then conversion to BT30 is more of a choose your own adventure.

I had two issues:

  1. The manual says that you must add a shim to the motor pulley, If I use the shim, both motor and spindle pulleys were out of alignment. I ended not using the shim in order to have proper pulley alignment between motor and spindle.

2.- For the encoder installation procedure, the threads on the head column were completely off for alignment , for attaching the encoder to the head base. I had to make a slots to the encoder using a dremel.

3.- Every time I went to running the encoder test, was failed. At first i thought I had a bad encoder, I even bought another one, but i discovered that I had to run the spindle first, let say 1000 RPM BEFORE doing the test or it will failed because it said that the alignment was bad , check for alignment and try again.

After running the spindle before the encoder test, the test pass good. I never had a problem with the ATC also.

Good luck with the upgrade and check for these issues i had.