1/2" Mini shere inserts

This week I take delivery from Tormach a 1/2" mini shear insert holder and TTS holder.
Tormach only sell full box of inserts which I could not justify. I contacted AB Tools who make the inserts and they were willing to sell me 3 off @ $24 each then quoted me $169 postage!! Is there any one in the UK who have broken the bank and bought a set of 1/2" inserts willing to sell me a few?
A heads up for UK buyers, don’t accept the crazy shipping prices that get quoted on Tormach website. After querying the cost you will yet a realistic one.

You could try cutwel. Although they don’t sell them the geometry is pretty simple and could be easily custom made for you. If they can’t copy the insert you could always get a diamond burr and grind your own inserts from a carbide bar.
Is there a uk group of tormach users? I thought I was the only one.

Harold. Thanks but I am going to buy 3 from AB tools and pay the postage.
As far as i know there are no Tormach groups in the UK.