0.9mm drilling in Titanium

Hi guys, i’m working on a new project and I need to drill 0.9mm hole (.03543) in titanium (6AI4V)
I have the HSS drill bit, but I NEVER did any drilling that small, and I’m very concern about the F&S. My first reflex will be to go at 10kRPM with some really light peek but I’m looking for advice before. Thank you !

First thing is to get quite a few drills and cobalt HSS at that. At .9mm they should be very inexpensive. Ti generates a lot heat when cut so surface feet is critical. There’s a pretty fine line between the tool being ok for a long time and burning up in an instant. At 10K rpm I get about 92 SFM. But what’s your hurry. I would start at 7000 which is about 64 SFM. At 7KRPM, 10 IPM gets you 0.0017 per rev or chip load of about .0008, which seems ok. Lastly and very important is to keep the flutes clear of chips. Titanium is ‘gummy’; it won’t take much to break that drill, so a very conservative peck (with full retract) is in order. Again what’s your hurry so a .030" peck. The deeper you go you should decrease that peck as a chip needs to make its way up the flute and out of the hole. Good luck!


Hey sorry for the late rep but thank you for that ! Still on the CAD but I will keep you on touch. Thanks !!

Worked perfectly ! Thanks

Wahoo! What feeds and speeds did you end up using? Something around 64 SFM with 0.0008" chip load?
I’m just curious