Unusual error

exceeded positive soft limit on the Z axis by 0.000000

I’m getting this error in the program I’m running. It may only be happening with one of the two tools the program uses, but I’m not sure yet. The error brings the program to a halt at the tool change on after a G30 on the first tool.
Any experience with this?

Hey @Kurt_Mottweiler, what version of PathPilot are you running?

Also, I would try lowering your G30 as well, and check to see if the error continues.

I just updated it last week.

Thanks, I will try that.

Had you updated to 2.9.1?

I also received a “exceeded positive soft limit on the Z axis by 0.000000”

I am currently on v2.9.0 and will update to v2.9.1 as soon as I try and recreate the error.


I was able to duplicate the error, referencing the Z axis. With no tool in the spindle I jogged the Z axis down toward the table until the motion was stopped by the soft limit. Two or three cycles and the error showed up

Was this after you updated to 2.9.1?

I have not upgraded to 2.9.1, but I will.