Posts of the Month!

First off, thanks for being a valuable part of Tormach.

We are introducing monthly awards to members of the community, that go above and beyond to help cultivate an educational and helpful environment.

Each month during our initial launch period, our forum moderators will select and award:

• $150 coupon code for the best post
• $150 coupon code for the most helpful user
• At least two $50 coupon codes for honorable mentions

Along with the coupon code, you’ll earn a badge/tag to proudly display on Tormach Forums.


September 2022 Winners:

Best Post - @Karlo_Terrazas - Are Tormach Mills for me? a brief overview on my Journey

Most Helpful - @bigtchopshop - Machine Tending with ZA-6 - Working!

Honorable Mention - @Steve_Dunthorne - Book release about Tormach 770MX mills - a personal journey

Honorable Mention - @Ari_M - Video work with the ZA6


October 2022 Winners:

Most Helpful - @Tom_Carr - For overall activity in the Lathe section

November 2022 Winners:

Best Post - @Chris_Zajic - 8L is Not a Toy

Most Helpful - @Cameron_Poe - For overall activity

Honorable Mention - @Felicia_Plunkett - Bandsaw Blade Guard

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