Path Piolt Conversation Milling Description too long

I’m enjoying the first few days with my new mill ( PCNC440) and using Converstaional Milling to do some test cuts and get a feel for capapibiltes but currently having an issue

-Set the parameters for the pocket i’m doing, description as Test1
-Post and enter a file name as test1.ngc
-when i try and run the error screen tells me that the description line is too long
-I open the G code and can see when i edit it that the description lines has Test 1 and then spaces to the end of the world and then a )
-I can manually edit that, but that seams a pain in the backside, is the problem between floor and keyboard or with path piolt?

Have resolved the issue turns out ive had the manual rest on the space bar and adjust the default naming with way more spaces than their should be…


@Spike_Beecroft welcome to the forums!

Sorry for not getting to your post in time. I am glad you got this resolved. We actually were trying to recreate this issue on our end. Good catch.