Microarc only turns one way on 1100M

When I try to manually jog the A axis, it turns in one direction and does nothing in the other. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks

Check the dip switches on the 4th axis stepper driver in the cabinet. One of them is a mode selector that sets the mode to step/direction or cw/ccw. It’s probably set wrong.

@Keith_Bennett If I understand right, from @jwallner, you found out you had a bad keyboard. Is that correct?

Yes, one of the buttons on the waterproof keyboard was not functional. What is the next step in acquiring a replacement? Thanks -Keith

@Keith_Bennett the waterproof keyboard can be found here: 38437 - Waterproof Mini-Keyboard

The keyboard did not work properly when I received it from Tormach. Ordered in August.

@Keith_Bennett Then you are absolutely covered under warranty. Reach out in your case with @jwallner and he can get this process started for you!

Hi Keith,

I’m glad that you have the machine back up and running using your Jog shuttle.

Your new keyboard shipped out ground today, and you should have it shortly.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.