L8 programming

Any videos specifically on L8 programming? Anybody in central Jersey that can teach, I would gladly pay.

@peter_dudek Welcome to the forums! Any of our 15L content on youtube does still apply. Outside of not having a turret, and programing your front tool post position as a positive, the process is the same. Vince with SMW has put out some great 8L content. As well as Accu-slice. He has done modifications, but has great in depth videos.

Sam, Thank you for your reply. What I don’t like is videos that say what a wonderful product it is more than which button to press. Some start with the most complex project there is. Some are done frat house style.
Been in the trade for 40 years started CNC in the 90’s and have heard “this machine can do a million things, but I cant get it to do one simple thing” so many times
Tan Q Pete

@peter_dudek have you seen this list? I curated it for just such an occasion.