4th axis... on 440

Newb to Tormach here…

About to pick up a 440 with a SMW 770 fixture plate. (I found locally for a decent price) .

I did search, so hopefully, I didn’t miss it…

My question is, regarding 4th axis. I see microarc 4 is listed, but will any of the tilting motorized rotary tables technically plug and play? My guess is at 90°/vertical there’s not enough Z axis to offer it as a kit. But if the tilt was enough degrees that you could technically use it. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

The Microarc was actually designed specifically for the 440, so it works just fine. Make sure you get the kit for the 440 that goes with it. That includes the additional stepper driver and some additional cabling.

Z-axis clearance isn’t huge and sitting it on top of a fixture plate isn’t going to help that

@Smokeshow there are a few reasons that the larger 4th axes won’t work in the PCNC440 but the main reason is that the 4th axis driver kit for the PCNC440 doesn’t support the larger axes. This is an unsupported configuration because the 6" and 8" 4th axes don’t fit on the machine.
Out of curiosity I tossed the 6" tilting table on the PCNC440 in CAD and the results are comical.


Tilted @ 30° it begins to create space. But if it doesn’t work electronically, it doesn’t seem to matter.