1100MX Operator Console Battery

I can’t find a manual on how to replace the coin cell battery inside my 1100MX operator console. Do I really have to take every screw out of the console to get the pack cover off?

Do I have to remove the two screws on the side with the mounts nearest the back of the console or can they stay? I ask because it looks like I might have to come up with some way to support the console if I remove those screws.



tormach.com/battery goes to the Tech Doc on replacing the CMOS battery, the console specifically is on page 12. The back cover does need to come off.

Thank you,

Thank you for the link. I didn’t see this service bulletin for the 1100MX.


I had to replace the batteries on both my brix controllers a month ago. Always happy to find complete directions in Tormachs tech document section. Makes goofy little repairs drama free and fast.